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Need Help Regarding Shockwave Therapy For Male Impotence?

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  • Need Help Regarding Shockwave Therapy For Male Impotence?

    I have heard about this new Shockwave Therapy For Male Impotence. I just want to know that how much does it cost? How many treatments are needed? Does it work for everybody? What does a treatment session look like? How soon until I notice a difference?

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    Dear Andrew,

    Thank you for your question,

    How does ESWT work?
    Electro Shockwave Therapy (ESWT) is a popular ED treatment choice for various reasons. The painless procedure, which takes around 30 minutes, passes shockwaves into the penile tissue, resulting in an inflammatory response, causing the body to increase blood flow into that region. This ultimately triggers two biochemical responses that improve and restore the erection mechanism: the formation of new blood vessels and the rejuvenation of the penile smooth muscular tissue, both of which ultimately result in sustained and stronger erections.

    It works for everybody across the spectrum of ED

    Pricing for ESWT from US, Aus, UK, Singapore are between $200-$800 SGD/session. Why the big price discrepancy you may ask?

    You can read more about this here, the price discrepancy mainly depends on the machine used. At Dr Tan and Partners, we believe in only the best treatment machine available which is the "Ferrari" of Shockwave therapy. And we have priced ourselves competitively below the median at $400/ session.

    Patients start to experience treatment benefit after 1 session but most see the maximum benefit after 6 sessions.

    Many men suffer in silence regarding ED. It is brave of you to share your concerns and I hope these answers are helpful for you on your own treatment journey

    Take care

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