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Does over masturbation lead to impotency ?

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  • Does over masturbation lead to impotency ?

    I do masturbate daily when I am alone I don't have a control on it but somewhere I read it leads to impotency. I am very tensed please share your opinions so I as per that I will try to avoid masturbation if I found it true.

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    Hi paulgonazeles86,

    This is a common myth. Masturbation does not lead to impotency or erectile dysfunction. The common causes or risk factors that may contribute to erectile dysfunction include - psychological factors as well as physical or medical factors like diabetes, low testosterone, smoking, obesity etc.
    You can read more about it here:


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      Various people link both masturbation and erectile dysfunction (impotence). But there is no relation between masturbation and impotence. In some cases it is not the masturbation but the changing lifestyle or unhealthy lifestyle which can cause this condition. Consuming excess alcohol, changing or abnormal blood pressure and some of the major depressive disorders may lead to impotence issues.


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        Erectile dysfunction occurs with some other reasons like alcohol, smoking, Un- healthy diet, Un- fitness, drugs, stress, depression.
        Masturbation is something different activity which and it does not concern with erectile dysfunction.


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          Over-Masturbation is not good for health, masturbation is a normal, healthy process of maturing and also good for mental health as an adult. There have even been recent studies that show men who reach orgasm (ejaculation) more often may have a reduced risk of prostate cancer years down the road. As for the side effects, if you are feeling pain when you ejaculate, this is NOT NORMAL. It could be a possible infection in your epididymis or other secondary sex organs. The point here is: Masturbation is healthy, you should not be ashamed about it, and if it hurts, go to your physician.


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            Great answer georgewhittington!

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          Over masturbation and impotence has nothing to do with each other, but it doesn't mean that over masturbation is good for you. Excessive masturbation can make you weak and that degrade you immune system while body get more exposure to many health problems like mental illness, heart problem or infections. And impotence is closely related to such health problems. Best to try avoid masturbation.