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Hiv concern 6 days after exposure

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  • Hiv concern 6 days after exposure

    hi doctor

    I wrote to you before about my possible exposure where I used a condom during sec but with erection before my penis was pressed against her vagina
    i don’t believe inside but touching her vagina lips

    this was 6 days ago and woke up this morning like this
    the next day after exposure I had a genital herpes outbreak on the shaft/foreskin and on meds not fully gone after 5 days
    I have had it for 8 years and normally gone in 3 days when recurrent
    any reason taking longer?

    1,what are these red spots? In the photo
    2, And are they a sign of early hiv infection after 6 days?

    i did a std test at 4 days all clear
    I know early for hiv test but it was included 4th gen
    cly, gon, hep b, hiv, syphilis all clear
    CBC normal
    liver kidney all normal
    urine normal
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    Dear Gaving,

    Sometimes, antiviral medications can be given for a longer period of of time for herpes if it does not clear. Do check with your doctor to check if you need to extend your dose. I do not think there is a particular reason why it is taking longer.

    The red spots could be a variety of things - trauma spots, an early herpes infection, balanitis/foreskin infection. It is difficult to accurately tell. Continue to see how the spots evolve with your doctor as well.

    Thank you


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      Thank you Doctor
      the red spots in the photo no doubt Balanitis as cleared with antifugal/anti inflammatory cream

      the herpes blister has got better but not fully healed after 8-9 days


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        Dear Gaving,

        That is good to hear that the lesions are healing. The most important thing is to protect yourself with the usage of condoms and even PrEP.

        You can read more about it here.

        Thank you