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Discharge after abscess cleared

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  • Discharge after abscess cleared

    Hello my name is Bryan I live in Los Angeles California. I write to you today because I’m worried and nervous. About two months ago I had an abcess on the lower shaft of my penis where my penis meets my body from missing an iv drug shot. I got the abcess healed and to go away but as soon as it healed I’ve noticed a cloudy discharge that comes out of the tip of my penis constantly sometimes if i don’t pee for a while it will dry up and basically close my urethra line at the top of my penis. And help as to what this discharge is from? Is it from the abcess? I haven’t been sexual in 27year old male but it’s very embarrassing and I’m worried because it won’t stop. Any help would be appreciated thank you

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    There are many possible causes of a discharge from the urethra
    You say you have not been sexually active. I take that to mean you have not had any kind of sexual contact. If this is so, then we can rule out STDs.
    Other possible causes include prostate infections, bladder infections and even non-infectious causes like stones

    You mentioned the abscess which is interesting. The abscess could have looked like it has healed externally. But perhaps the abscess is still there but deep in and has formed a connection to your urethra and is draining from there

    Either way, you need to see a Doctor. I'm sure there are lots of good Genito-Urinary health Doctors in LA.


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      That’s what I was worried about and have been thinking since that whole situation started. I read that if not taking care of properly the abcess goes into deeper tissue and into the blood. Ugh oh what do I do now that it’s closed up and healed externally? Thank you for your help