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Enlarged Fordyce Spots on Penis Shaft

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  • Enlarged Fordyce Spots on Penis Shaft

    Hi, I have had many Fordyce spots on the shaft of my penis for a couple of years now, about three years and I am currently 18. Ever since I have noticed these spots on my shaft, I tried popping them many times, with no success whatsoever. Now, the spots that I've tried popping are very large but are not red or anything. They appear like the rest of the spots but are much bigger and are very noticeable. These also have a slightly darker skin color which I guess is hyperpigmentation due to the repeated action of squeezing. Does anyone know how to reduce the size of these spots, as I have already tried every cream from retinoids to corticosteroids, but nothing worked. Much appreciated.

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    First you need to get diagnosed
    What you are describing does not sound like Fordyce spots
    Please see a Doctor
    We have clinics in Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam
    You may visit any one of our clinics