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  • Is 30 sec Fast?

    Hi Doctor!

    I think I have premature ejaculation. The average time that I ejaculate is about 10 sec to 30 sec. Is that normal?

    I have try other matters like longer foreplay and such to try to satisfy my partner.

    I am not sure are there pre-medical that cause me to ejaculate that fast?

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    Hi, JiaXing

    Premature ejaculation is generally defined as ejaculation < 1min upon penetration. Primary PE is usually not due to any preexisting medical condition but in secondary PE sometimes can be due to medical conditions such as erectile dysfunction. If you suspect that you may be suffering from PE, you may like to see a doctor to discuss further. Thank you.


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      Average Ejaculation time for normal men is average of 5 minutes but it varies from 6s to whooping 20 minutes (varies from person to person) .

      If your ejaculation time is very early you can consult with your doctor about this issue.
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        Hi, JiaXing
        Men faces Premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction may be because of unhealthy diet, UN-fit health, over masturbation, alcohol, smoking, drugs, mental disturbance like official/personal stress, depression, porn's,etc.
        Consult with you doctor and enclosed all your daily routine schedule related to your health like how much you smoke, drink, masturbate, consume coffee a lot, etc.


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          I agree with Kevin, PE sometimes cause by depression,smoking etc. There are natural treatments and generic medications are also available to treat problem. You can also go for penis shock therapy.


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            You don’t have to worry because it’s totally normal. The reason why you ejaculates quickly within 15secs because you ejaculates everyday or 5–6 times a week which led to PE (premature ejaculation). Try to do workout to stay longer. Often Men start making out like an speedster which led to these situation. If your partner change positions after two or three minutes and start having foreplay after these will help both to stay longer and would help you to ejaculate (orgasm).


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              That is fast... definitely would be considered premature ejaculation.

              It's a good thing you're trying to satisfy her during foreplay. Learn cunnilingus techniques, and the importance of the clitoris. That will help get her off without needing to rely on intercourse.

              Premature ejaculation is NOT caused by diet, masturbating, smoking or any of the other things mentioned here. It is tied to your serotonin levels. A small dose of an SSRI can help fix this, and will allow you to last longer.

              Besides medication, there are natural things you can do to delay your ejaculation. Here's a good article with some examples:

              Kegels might be one of the best solutions you have right now that would be natural / non-medical. Strengthen the PC muscle substantially, and you'll see a major improvement in lasting time.