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Small testicles/PE related?

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  • Small testicles/PE related?

    I’m 42, and suffer from pretty bad PE. In order to last any time in bed, I have to be deeply present in how things are feeling. To the point I have to take it very slow, and stop often as I work my way toward a would be orgasm. I almost have to bring myself there, hold it off, and slowly re-enter before working up to a more normal pace. By then, sometimes it’s tough to maintain a full erection, and I’m probably not going to reach the point of orgasm again. Which I am fine with if my woman has gotten there. If I don’t basically hold off a release, I can’t really
    shake the feeling I am going to finish, and then I do finish once I succumb and go harder (which is how my woman prefers sex, and requires it to reach the O herself)

    I have what I would call, abnormally small testicles. They are usually almost hidden. They only hang at all on rare occasion. My doctor has even asked me if I ever did steroids. (Which I assume he was asking because of the size of my balls) One technique that I have tried is pulling on what is there, as testicles rise up close to the body as the point of climax nears. This doesn’t work. Could the reason I release so quickly be at all related to how raised up my balls are to begin with? They don’t have any need to travel up, so that sounds logical to me. (?) I have tried sprays/swipes and the many methods known to all. My woman doesn’t seem to mind, as she says she’s always taken care of...but it’s definitely always in my head. (Part of the problem, I know)

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    Hi JK79,

    Your condition is known as retractile testes, where a hyper-reflexic or abnormally strong cremasteric reflexes pulls the testicles up and even into the abdomen.

    A good check would be your testosterone level relating to your small testes. However, it is not linked with premature ejaculation at all.