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  • Need Help Regarding Shockwave Therapy?

    Hi, My age is 38 and i want to know that, is Shockwave Therapy effective for men suffering from Erectile Dysfunction? If, yes then how much does shock wave therapy for Erectile Dysfunction cost? Does it have any side effects?

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    Hi, Thank you for your question. Generally about 60% of patient find some improvement after the ESWT treatment. How much improvement depends on individuals. The cost of each session of ESWT is about $400+ before GST. We usually recommend about 6 sessions. There is no known side effects.

    If you like, you can contact our Novena clinic to make an appt to see me to discuss further.

    Click the link for more info:
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      Dr. Julian Ng Thanks for the information. Will surely contact Novena clinic to make an appointment.