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How to lower testosterone levels naturally

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  • How to lower testosterone levels naturally

    How to keep low testosterone levels naturally? Is there any kind of food or any other natural way through which testosterone levels can be kept low?

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    If you you lower you testerone levels you need eat more sugar.Researchers from Ireland studied the effects of sugar consumption on testosterone secretion. They found that high blood sugar levels can sap your testosterone production by as much as 25 per cent. Even two hours after drinking 75 grams of glucose, 15 per cent of subjects still had very low levels of testosterone.But be careful, syptoms of low testosrone can be dangerous.
    Testosterone deficiency (low t) in men can be a serious (and seriously annoying) problem. But there is help and a simple way to test how you stack up.


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      Why would you want to do that?
      I can only assume you think you have some symptoms caused by an excessively high Testosterone level.
      Maybe you think your libido is abnormally strong?
      You should see a Doctor and get your symptoms checked out
      If your Testosterone is truly abnormally high you should look for a medical cause - like a tumour producing testosterone
      If you are asking because you want to undergo gender-reassignment, then you really should be on medicines to reduce your Testosterone levels

      That said, I will answer your question directly - get FAT
      Obesity is associated with a low Free Testosterone level
      A simple Google Scholar search will produce many results on this
      I have attached one example
      But ask yourself this - do you really want to suffer all the health consequences of obesity just so you can lower your T levels?
      AND suffer all the health consequences of low Testosterone?