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Painless Cauliflower-Like Lumps ard Anal & Scrotum

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  • Painless Cauliflower-Like Lumps ard Anal & Scrotum

    I realised that I have a brunch of lumps around my scrotum and anal area. I suspect that they are genital warts, as they look cauliflower-like.

    I always us protection, and I always make sure that I engaged in protected sex.

    Why do I still contracted warts? What should I do?

    If I get them removed, will they still come back? I feed very depressed

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    Hi 2359Sharp,

    The description you have provided does indeed sound like genital warts, but of course for a proper diagnosis, we would actually have to see what you are talking about (i.e. a physical examination).
    Human Papilloma Virus, or HPV, is what causes warts. It is very common and can be transmitted even through oral intercourse etc. Barrier protection is good but does not completely eliminate the risk of transmission of HPV.

    Your next step should be - to confirm if these are indeed really warts and then have a discussion about what method of removal may be best for you (you can read more about genital wart removal here:

    Yes, genital warts can unfortunately recur even after removal, because of the underlying HPV infection. The best defence we have against future recurrences of warts is the HPV vaccine ( but it will not get rid of the current strain you have.

    To find out more about wart treatment and prevention, you may wish to speak to one of us in greater detail.
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