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STD transmission from breasts?

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  • STD transmission from breasts?

    Can i get an std/HIV if there was no contact with my genitals to her mouth, vagina or anus? She rubbed my penis against her breasts and i sucked her breasts. Also she gave me a handjob. She had her pants on the whole time. Is there a risk from this exposure?

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    There is no risk of HIV from the abovementioned exposure.


    • john101
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      ohh ok. What about other stds

    • Dr. Grace Huang
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      Hi John101, the risk of other STDs is also negligible assuming there was no contact with her genital fluids.

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    Technically speaking your exposure is only masturbation (zero risk) but you were exposed to vaginal fluids (potential risk but I do not have percentages to quote to you). The ideal timeframe if you have done a 3rd gen test - is 3 months. After this time, 99.9% of people with true HIV infection would have detectable antibodies.

    You can do a repeat test at 3 months if you are anxious. But more importantly, I would encourage you to get tested for other STDs as these can be transmitted through genital fluids. You can read about STD testing here and you can come by our clinic for a discussion if you wish.
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      There was no genital fluid im sure as she was wearing her shorts the whole time. Can a syphilis sore be on the breasts?