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Genital herpes causes leg paralysis

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  • Genital herpes causes leg paralysis

    My genital herpes recurs about 4 times a year which cold sore raises. Out of those 4 times, if I sleep lately, I may feel itchy and little pain but no sore appear. The problem is some occurrences make my leg feel weak(usually one side), nerve pain on the whole leg to toe even though there is no sore. This lasts about 1-2 days and returns to normal. Is it a serious herpes symptom in long term which is needed to see doctor and take meds? Could you explain why this happens?

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    Dear friend,

    thank you for your query,

    if you are worried about a flareup of herpes, it is advisable to see your doctor. Alternatively you can come speak to us about it in clinic.

    The priority is to confirm the diagnosis as there are other mimics of your symptoms besides herpes. It could shingles or even other nerve/back injuries you've had on your leg.

    Yes you are right in the long term, whenever there is a flareup, you can take medications to control and suppress the flareups

    I've shared some information with you about Herpes and I hope that it helps understanding this topic better

    Take care

    Herpes is describe as infection caused by Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV). The symptoms & treatment for herpes or herpes flare up genital sores or cold sores.