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Hiv virus in herp blister?

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  • Hiv virus in herp blister?

    Hi doctors. I have a question to ask.

    Is the HIV virus present in fluids from herp blisters?

    I had a massage in batam a few weeks ago, place and girl was pretty questionable. Having anxiety now.


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    The answer is No. There is no HIV virus in the fluid within a herpes blister.
    But why are you asking such a technical question?
    If you had a massage in Batam and the masseuse had Herpes Blisters and you came into contact with the fluid from those blisters, you will very likely get infected with Herpes.
    If you had sexual contact with her then there is a chance you got infected with HIV - the risk of which depends on what kind of sexual contact.
    I do not see the relevance of you asking if there is HIV virus in herpetic ulcers or not.
    Apologies if this sounds blunt but facts are facts.
    So since you are anxious, the prudent thing to do is to see a doctor, tell him/her the details of your encounter and let the doctor analyse your risk and advise you on the best steps forward for you to take to mitigate your risks.
    No point just worrying man, you gotta solve the problem.
    All the best to you.