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    Hi doctor, i have a bit of red thrush on my forehead of my penis. Is it normal? I went to massage palour 5 times. 4 times just handjob,kissing and kissing their boobs and 1 time protected sex but it only last 2 minutes because my forehead was painful as my penis is not circumcised. Is it my anxiety? because whenever i think of this i will just google the symptoms, get a headache, mouth feel very dry. Please help doctor thank you

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    Hi, redness of the head of the penis can be due to a variety of causes and can range from something simple such as an abrasion, to a significant cause such as balanitis which requires treatment. Based on your history, it would be wise to visit a doctor for a proper examination of the genitalia. Investigations such as swab tests may be necessary for a formal evaluation. Hope this helps.