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Syphilis sore/HIV rash near groin area ?

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  • Syphilis sore/HIV rash near groin area ?

    Hello Doctor. Thank you very much for all your kind work. I am really panicking so much over a recent massage episode. It was only a hand job but the girl put hand in her pants to lower it slightly or pull it down before she gave me a hand job. She must have touched her buttocks area and groin area but did not pull her pants all the way down and did not touch her vagina. There was no kissing, penetrative sex or oral. Just a hand job.
    After 7 days I felt feverish which went away in a day. After 8 days after the massage I got a temporary itchy bump on my lower stomach as seen in picture A.1 and simultaneously I got a red painful pimple like formation in the groin are just above my penis as seen in B.1 and B.2. Bump A.1 almost subsided after 3 hours but bump B.1 above the penis is red and painful.
    I know it is unfair to ask for an advice by showing you pictures via this post but can you please suggest if this could be HIV ARS rash or Syphilis sore at 8 days post exposure. Would it appear above the penis like that? I am really panicking over these two bumps. Do you think i am even remotely at risk for HIV and other STDS? What if her hands got contaminated with any HIV virus or any bacteria while she put her hand in her pants to pull it down slightly touching her buttock area and groin?
    I hope you get a chance to reply. This is really getting me worried and anxious about HIV and Syphilis.
    Thank you so much for addressing everybody's concerns on this forum.
    ​​​​​​​Best wishes to you and your team

    Boil A.1 near stomach. Almost subsided in 3 hours Boil B.2 Above Penis. Very itchy, painful and still there. Boil B.2 Above Penis. Very itchy, painful and still there.

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    Hello Doctor,


    I am really sorry to bother you but can you please please address my query before I go crazy thinking about it. It is the 10th day since I had the above mentioned exposure and since last 2 days I have been breaking out with single and extremely itchy hive (one disappearing and another appearing soon after) in different parts which appear out of nowhere and disappear in 3-4 hours and then appear somewhere else. Along with some very tiny skin breakouts. I have had these hives on stomach, arm, thigh, back each appearing at different time of the day for 3-4 hours. 9th day again I had chills all night followed by sore throat today.
    1. Can HIV rash manifest in this pattern which is so transient and with stand alone hive like formations or is it more lasting and tend to gradually spread and last for 1-2 weeks?
    2. In your professional experience have you seen any patients with rash as hives themselves or similar to Urticaria/ hives that going through seroconversion either so transient or long lasting? Or is the rash more like measles, wide spread and closely located papules. I read that HIV rash can have varied manifestation since it is an immune response of the body and hence I have all this anxiety.
    3. Does ARS rash come all at once or does it gradually spread over the time of 1-2 weeks , as if starting somewhere on the trunk and spreading all over the body in few days?
    4. Lastly the question that most people in this situation are largely concerned about , after the onset of ARS symptoms do different symptoms gradually appear over the course 2-3 weeks or do most of the classic symptoms like Fever, Rash, Sore Throat hit you at once in a span of 2-3 days. The reason I’m asking this is because each day has become like torture thinking of what other symptom is going to show up today to convince that this is ARS and make anxiety itself to lead to more symptoms cause by anxiety.

    I am aware that You have told several of times in your posts that hand job is not a risk which is so relieving but it makes me wonder what if out the odds she got tiny bit of vaginal fluid while lowering her trouser. I am panicking so much doctor because of this sudden rash and it is a lot of anxious time to go to qualify for a test at 28 days. I wouldn’t have been so worried if it was a general symptom like only fever or soar throat only but this rash is really raising alarms. Can you please please comment the possibilities of such a rash being due to HIV and starting at 8th day since the exposure.

    Thank you so much for all your kind work towards worried people like me.

    Kind Regards,