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whatś going on????? Doctor can you please help me ? thank you !

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  • whatś going on????? Doctor can you please help me ? thank you !

    dear doctor,

    I, am andres from the Netherlands and please can you help me?

    I had a sex contact with a woman, oral en with the hands, i did not penetrate her.
    I had a test for lgv chlamydia after 2weeks in the mouth and was negartive, then I had after six weeks same test anal and penis, both negative.
    after 9 weeks i did a hiv combo p24 ag type 1, type 2 labory test, after three days the result, negative.

    I had symptoms as tired, musclepain, sweating, headache, lost 6 kg, dry mouth , folliculitis, etcetera, no fever, no lymfeproblems, no influenza or such .
    the doctor told me stress for afraid of hiv or like that.

    Now after 11 weeks i have the salivary glands swollen in my cheeks both side a bit and dry mouth still and yesterday i had rash in neck a bit still is a bit.

    since doctor said stress and had octorr said you can have sex with partner (female), after 5 weeks but know my partner also has a dry mouth and this morning seems to mee also spmeting in the cheek like salivary gglands, I am not sure.
    I also have a liitle pain in my penis a few days.

    Doctor what can it be??? what is going on, can the symptoms have anyhing to do with earlier sexcontact????

    sorry for my bad English, but will you please answer me, thank you very much.

    greetings from holland Andres

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    Dear Doctor,

    I was forgotten to tell that i also had a syfilis test at 9 weeks , also negative.
    Since yesterday also bit of rash in the neck.

    greetings andres