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Persistent headache

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  • Persistent headache

    After sex on 2/1/2019, I've been experiencing headache daily from 5/1/2019 up till now. (9/1/2019) Could this be due to STD? What STD normally have symptoms like this?

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    Headache after sex is not uncommon but it is unlikely a symptom of an STD.
    That being said, STD can also be present without symptoms. Best to speak to our Doctors for a detailed consultation on STD screening.


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      I read few blogs, articles that mentioned headache for days or persistent headache is a sign of syphilis (neurosyphilis). What test should I take to detect syphilis infection? Been having this headache for more than a week beginning 2 days after potential exposure.


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        If you are very concerned about potentially getting syphillis, you should come down to one of our clinics for a blood test for syphillis as well as the other STDs.


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          Hi, I'm staying at the northern part of Malaysia, so I guess nearest is ur KL clinic. What test is normally done at ur clinic? VDRL? TPHA?


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            Hi, without going into too much detail here: the standard testing for syphilis will always involve both a screening/nontreponemal specific test e..g VDRL and RPR and a treponemal specific test like TPPA or TPHA.
            I think the best is if you pop by our KL clinic for a discussion with our colleague, Dr Kaarthig, who will be more than glad to speak to you about your concerns.