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    Dear doctors,
    I engage in causal sex, but all are oral sex.
    Im aware that im at risk of lots of stds.
    However, i did not get tested.
    I do plan to get tested next monday.

    Recently, i experienced symptoms such as watery cum (texture and colour).
    Im worried about a blocked sperm duct, which might be caused by an sti (which i think i have).

    How likely is it that an Sti such as gono and chlam cause a block sperm duct? *note my first sexual exposure was 2 years ago.


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    Oral sex can indeed expose you to a number of STDs, chlamydia, gonorrhea and others included. Any abnormal changes in ejaculate (cum) can be a sign of infection. I would say yes, it is very possible. The best is if you can drop by for a consult and evaluation in person. Untreated STDs can lead to more serious infections that can potentially affect other organs like the glands around the testicles (epididymis), and the prostate.

    We do offer rapid testing for chlamydia and gonorrhea and you can read more here :