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    Dear Doctors,

    Last July 2018, I was diagnosed with HPV 43. I had one small bump near my groin area removed in August 2018.

    On October 2018, I conducted a full panel STD test. Everything is fine except I have HPV 6 positive. Interestingly HPV43 is gone and no more new bump was found.

    Fast forward to January 2019, it has been 5 months since I have the bump removed. I conduct another HPV DNA test yesterday.

    All the above HPV DNA test were conducted my doctor to collect relevant samples.

    my questions are:

    1. If the test turns out negative for all HPV, am I already cured ? I read that HPV would never be cleared - it would stay inactive.

    2. Should I tell my future partner about my bump ?

    3. I already got the HPV 9 vacinne all 3 doses in 2017. I am confused why I still have HPV 6 positive. Should I get a booster shot ?
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    Dear doctors,

    I am seeing no reply. Should I come down for a consultation instead ?

    This seems to be a difficult topic to answer.


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      Hi Peter, sorry for the delay in our response. You are correct to say HPV infection can be a bit of a complex topic. Firstly, there is a lot more information that we would need as doctors to specifically comment on your case, including what type of test was performed for you for HPV (as there are no strict guidelines on HPV testing for males, and HPV 6 is not typically tested in HPV DNA assays), and your exposure history and timing of the vaccines.

      With regards to your questions: HPV can be cleared by the body's immune system, but the chances of clearance will reduce as you get older. Whether or not you discuss this topic with your partner is a personal decision. In general, 3 doses of Gardasil 9 vaccine are sufficient for protection, so it is very possible that you picked up HPV 6 prior to the vaccinations being completed; a booster shot is not recommended.

      If you have any further queries or concerns, please feel free to make an appointment with one of our clinics for a consultation.
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        Dear Doctor Ti,

        I appreciate your time answering my queries above.

        All the HPV DNA tests I received was to swab my penis area and then perform the analysis using the Anyplex™ II HPV28 Detection machine. The swab was done by a doctor in case I performed the test incorrectly.

        Yesterday I got my report back - all negative. My doctor comment was that you are HPV free.

        Exposure history : I had protected vaginal sex with a lady in July 2018. Afterwards, no sexual activities up to this moment.

        Timing of vacinne: I receive my first shot 2017 feb, 2nd shot 2017 May and 3rd shot August 2017.

        Am I still contagious ?

        thank you very much.

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