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Std location vs transmission

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  • Std location vs transmission

    If one have gono/chlam in his genital, but none in the throat.
    And the person gives blowjob, can std be spread?
    Does it work like that?
    Or must std be present in 2 locations?
    I hope im clear about what i am asking haha.
    Thanks a lot

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    Hi WBC,

    Let's say someone has gonorrhea/chlamydia in their genital region but not in their throat.
    They give someone a blowjob.
    No, the gonorrhea or chlamydia from the penile region or vaginal region will not spread to the other person's genitals.

    But if there is chlamydia/gonorrhea in the throat and that person gives a blowjob then yes, it can spread.

    That's the reason why depending on the exposure, we may sometimes recommend testing of different anatomical sites e.g. urine STD, vs throat swab.