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  • Herpes

    I have diagnosed to have a HSV 2, I want to start a new relationship, a stable one. My question is, it is true that I can easily acquire HIV because I have herpes. My partner is HIV negative. Is it ok to us to have sex? Or is it to dangerous?

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    HI Eya,

    The risk of contracting HIV can indeed be higher in someone with Herpes - especially since Herpes may be associated with open ulcers when one has an active flare.
    However, if your partner has already tested negative for HIV, there is no need for you to worry about contracting HIV.

    But you may be at risk of transmitting HSV to your partner. This is something you may wish to discuss with your partner and your doctor about. If both of you have a lot of questions and concerns, you are more than welcome to come by our clinics to have a discussion. I have spoken to quite a few couples who have concerns about HSV and have found it best to have an open and honest discussion together.