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syphilis transmission

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  • syphilis transmission

    Dear doctor, is it possible for syphilis transmission to a half year old small baby touched a trace blood stain left not long ago on door knob of blood screening clinic? The baby likes to lick his hands and rub his eyes. Very worried. Thank u doctor.
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    Hi life12345,

    Treponema pallidum, which causes syphilis, has extremely poor survival outside the human body.
    You can read more about syphilis and transmission here:

    But in a nutshell, no, the above situation has zero risk of the infant contracting syphilis.


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      Dr Huang,
      Thank u very much for your reply!
      May i know whether the incident is still no risk of the blood stain only stayed on the door knob for only about 20 minutes time? Also is it possible for syphilis rash appear about 12-14 days after infection for infants? My baby got redish rash all over his back, especially upper back during one night about 2 weeks after that incedent. The rash was irragular in shape and size´╝înot projecting out of skin. The rash disappeared next day.
      Doctor, thank u very much for answer my question and really sorry for my obsessiveness and i always feel guilty to put my baby in any possible risk.
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        Dear doctor,

        Really sorry for my obsessiveness. But i am really worried the health of my baby after the incident.

        May i whether the incident is still no risk of syphilis even if the blood only left there like 3-5minutes ago? My baby is in a stage of eating everything. Really worry he brought the germs into his mouth.

        Thank u very much, doctor!


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          Hi life12345, there is really no risk from the above.

          But I saw you posted again about concerns re HIV and syphilis and transmission to your child. It seems this is a recurring concern for you. If you wish, you can come by our Robertson Walk clinic for a discussion in person so that you can have a more complete understanding of how these diseases are transmitted, hopefully this will help with future concerns


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            Dear Dr Grace,
            Thank you very much for your kind reply. I will be very happy to visit the clinic in future. However, now i am in an anxious mood due to many reasons and my mind is a bit blur.
            Thank you and dr Tan very very much for your kindness.