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Balanitis or Herpes?

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  • Balanitis or Herpes?

    Hi Doctor, I have a few questions regarding balanitis and herpes and I hope you can help me with them.

    1) Through protected oral and vaginal sex, I understand that the unprotected areas are susceptible to herpes infection. However, will symptoms appear on the protected areas upon infection?

    2) is it normal for balanitis to recur as often as once a week? This is taking into account that I occasionally masturbate which triggers some form of inflammation

    3) does this look like balanitis or herpes to you?
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    1. It's possible, as the condom does not cover the entire external genitalia.

    2. It's also possible for balanitis to recur frequently, especially patients who wash frequently with soap causing chemical irritation

    3. This forum is not an avenue for diagnosing your medical problems. If you are worried, go see your doctor. However, I would say that it looks like balanitis as you do not have any ulcers.


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      Thank you for your replies doctor. I have another question.

      How conclusive is a herpes IGG blood test at D30 if its both non-reactive for HSV1 & HSV2? I started a new relationship and I want to be sure before having sex with my partner.

      If that’s the case, why do doctors still advice to retest at 90 days?


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        It's should be conclusive. The reason for the recheck is to rule out the chances of an initial false negative.


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          Thank you doctor Zeng.

          What are the chances that a false negative may happen? If so, have you ever seen any of such a case during your time as a doctor?


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            It's pretty low I would think, but I do not have any actual numbers.

            So far I have not seen a negative HSV IgG that turned reactive at 90D, barring any new sexual encounters.


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              Hi Doctor Zeng, just wanted to check, which clinic are you at now?

              Also, a follow up from my queries previously. My negative IGG herpes test was from innoquest. Do you know anything about the conclusiveness of my test from this particular lab post 30D


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                I will be based at the clinic at Somerset.

                Innoquest is one of the biggest private pathology laboratory in Singapore. It also holds dual accredition locally (SAC-SINGLAS) and from the states (CAP). I would say that the results from Innoquest is accurate.


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                  Thank you for replying quickly. Does that mean that I can move on from my herpes scare episode? Or would you advice on a retest?


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                    I would say move on