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Negative 3rd gen unigold HIV test at 45 days

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  • Negative 3rd gen unigold HIV test at 45 days

    Hi Dr I am getting vary nervous as 45 days ago I had a unprotected sexual encounter with a woman. I jerkdoff with her vaginal fluid still on my hands and wet. I had a 4th gen test done at 11 days after and it was negative but then expiernced all the symptoms on and off for around 2 weeks then got sick again with the flu a week later. At 45 days after I had a 3rd gen HIV test done and it was also negative but now on day 50 my lymnodes are swollen and I'm feeling nautous and have headaches and direaha. What are the chances I could still possibly HIV contracted HIV? Very nervous because I have had sexual with my wife since then.

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    Hi Dr I await a reply still. Please.


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      Hi Dr I'm still waiting to hear from you.