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    Hi, thank you for your query.

    There is certainly risk for urinary tract STD's such as chlamydia and gonorrhea given the oral insertion (albeit brief). The risk for syphilis is also there but I would say much lower, and the risk of HIV from oral sex is negligible. If you are keen to proceed with testing, the chlamydia and gonorrhea tests can be performed accurately as early as 1 week post-exposure, however HIV and syphilis testing will take up to 1 month post-exposure to be conclusive.

    We can offer rapid testing for these 4 STD's at any of our clinics. However, our Robertson Walk clinic is the only one that can perform HIV testing anonymously (i.e. result will not be notified to the Ministry of Health, even if positive).

    If you require any further information, please contact us for an appointment:


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      Yes, you may come down to our Robertson Walk clinic and have the results ready in 24 hours - this includes Saturday and Sunday tests. You may walk-in to the clinic, no appointment timing is necessary. We are open from 8am-9pm on Friday and 9am-9pm on Saturday.


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        We can detect chlamydia and gonorrhea by now already. HIV and syphilis testing will only be considered accurate after 1 month post-exposure.


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