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  • Re-test?

    Hi doc,

    I had gone to the massage parlour on Oct 24 2018 and been tested at BP Healthcare, Malaysia as follows:

    ​​​​1. 13/11/2018 (20 days)
    2. 21/11/2018 (28 days)
    3. 4/12/2018 (41 days)
    4. 18/12/2018 (55 days)
    5. 16/1/2019 (84 days)
    All tested with HIV Ag/Ab with results: non-reactive

    The case: We both naked, no intercourse. I lick her nipple, suck her boobs,and she do handjob to me. No blowjob, but I think she got her vaginal fluid on hand when blowjob me.

    Over the period of Oct 2018 up till now, I've been having series of fever, headache, and sore throat. In fact, I'm still having sore throat/ phlegm on occasional basis and on off cough.

    From the latest reading, I have found that there is one case in Malaysia; She was tested over a period of 6x in a year due to her dry cough. Only last test came out positive for HIV.

    Should I get retest at another lab? What is your opinion on this matter. Hope you can help. Thank you.

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    To begin with, your risk is virtually zero. You have also done multiple tests and they are negative. You do not have HIV. I would consider your multiple tests conclusive.


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      But why am I having this non stop phlegm and on off sore throat, sometimes cough ever since the exposure. Say, if the raw insertion occur on the 24/10/2018, should I retest at 6 months mark?


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        There are many different causes for a cough and sore throat and it is best that you see a doctor for that. It is NOT due to HIV.


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          Dear hellohewhew1234

          Your "non stop phelgm and on off sore throat, sometimes cough"is likely due to something other than HIV. Please do get evaluated at your doctor for other causes.

          Thank you


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            Thanks Dr Grace & Dr Chester on your view. However, I'm still feeling diff compared to before the exposure. Non stop phlegm and on off sore throat. Sometimes feeling like there's some pressure in ear. Body temperature up and down. And I sweat easily now compared to previously. Will try to get tested once again anytime soon.