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    Hi Dr,

    On 10 July,I went to massage parlour, and the person give me a blowjob. Till today, I do not have any symptoms of HIV and STD. I still worry if I :
    1. Contacted HIV- When is the earliest day I could do HIV test?
    2. STD - As I know blowjob might be getting STD, when I could do a full check on STD?

    Please advise and thank you.

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    Hi Ric,

    The risk of HIV from oral is virtually negligible. But the earliest you can begin testing for HIV is about 2 weeks from exposure with PCR testing. For rapid point of care testing, the 4th generation test is conclusive at 28 days but doing it slightly earlier e.g. 3 weeks, will also give a reasonable indication.

    Yes. A blowjob places you at risk of other STDs including syphilis, Chlamydia etc. Certain tests can be done from 1-2 weeks onwards but others are best done about a month after. It may be best if you drop by in person to speak to us and we can advise you accordingly. I can see you're pretty anxious so it'll be best to get things out of the way quickly.


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      Hi Dr.Grace,

      Thanks for the reply.

      So, when is the earliest day I could test for HIV test? Must it exactly after 14 days? And for STD, is it mean that I only can do all the test after a month from exposure to confirm is clear? Could all the test to check on the 14 days?

      I hope to check and clear all my worry.

      Please advise.

      Thank you.