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Receiving unprotected oral sex

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  • Receiving unprotected oral sex

    Hi Dr., I have received unprotected oral sex and is worried if I have contracted any STDs during the encounter. To get tested after 1 month with the essential STD testing package, will the result be conclusive? Or is there any other package which I can take earlier to know if I have contracted any STDs (e.g HIV) to get a peace of mind at an earlier period?

    Thank you

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    Hi, 1 month is a good time to do testing. Certain tests such as a urine screen for Chlamydia, Gonorrhea etc can be done earlier, 1-2 weeks from the point of sexual contact is fine.
    Also, your risk of HIV from unprotected oral is virtually negligible. But I'd still encourage you to get tested for other relevant blood STDs like syphilis etc.

    The best is to come by for a consult and then we can address all your questions at a go.


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      Thank you Dr for your reply, waited one month after exposure and went down to the Robertson clinic for consultation. Was adviced to get a comprehensive screening (for blood borne STD + Urine STD). Getting tested really do give a person a peace of mind.

      Just a question I believed has been discussed many time. As per Dr, the HIV Gen 4th test performed is conclusive if done after 28days. And read that Alere test to be 99% sensitive (95% confidence lvl of 99.4 to 100.0%) for venous blood sample.

      but alere kit limitation is it is not tested for detection of HIV2 P24 amtigen. Is it something I should be concern with? and also confuse why certain place will advocate to get it tested again at 3mths mark, although it is also a 4th gen test kit? or is it related to the risk lvl of the activity that the person is exposed to?

      thanks again.