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How often should you be tested for STDs if you are sexually active?

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  • How often should you be tested for STDs if you are sexually active?

    I am a single 29 male. I became sexually active lately after I become single.

    I am gay and I am a flex. Most of the time I will use a condom.

    I have read that STD can be transmitted via skin to skin contact too.

    I dont have any STD symptoms, but I am thinking of doing a test.

    I would like to ask how often should I get tested for STD and HIV?

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    Hi. Thank you for this interesting question.
    You are very right to point out that STDs may not cause symptoms. Therefore screening is very important.
    You are also very right to point out that STDs can be transmitted via many ways: Vaginal sex, Anal sex, Oral sex and contact with infected skin
    How often to get tested is not straightforward question to answer
    Many national guidelines including the UK and Singapore recommend yearly screening for Chlamydia
    In Singapore, Commercial Sex Workers get screened for HIV, Gonorrhea, Syphilis and Chlamydia every month.
    This is to give you an idea of the great variation in screening recommendations.

    I personally think the UK guidelines make the most sense. i.e get screened once every year OR when you change a sexual partner

    Also, the kind of testing you do depends on your sexual practices
    Aside from the usual blood and urine tests, you may require a throat and/or an anal swab test
    Please let the Doctor know of your sexual practices so that he/she can recommend the best tests for you

    Please read this link to know more about STD screening:
    Since 2005, DTAP Clinic has been providing specialized STD Screening services in Singapore with comprehensive suite of STD screening packages and Gold Standard certified lab tests designed based on the severity of STD symptoms, sexual exposure risks, and different sexual activities of patients.