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I had unprotected oral sex

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  • I had unprotected oral sex

    I went to a party last Friday night and brought a girl home. She proceeded to give me oral sex (she says her mouth was dry and she was kind of going rough and every now and then my penis would hit the back of her throat or something because I would get a shot of pain when it happened) and then). The next day I would get random sharp pains in my penis and instantly thought of an STI but honestly doubt it would react that fast because it literally was 3-4 hours after the act had occurred. But anyways I let it go by a couple days to see what else would occur and nothing else besides the random sharp pains in my penis have happened. I went and got urine tested and swabbed today just to be safe and my urine sample came back negative(still waiting 5-7 days for the swab results). Honestly it didn’t hurt or burn peeing until after the swab tests and it still hurts to pee a little and it’s been over 10+ hours. Should I be worried about the results of the test and is it normal for the swab tests to hurt for this long?

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    Can anxiety about an std make you believe you have the symptoms or is that just a lie I’ve been telling myself to make myself feel better?


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      Well I forgot to mention I’ve been using the restroom a lot more frequently than normal. But it was never painful or burned until the swab and me being worried I might have something..