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Rapid Syphillis Test?

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  • Rapid Syphillis Test?

    Hello Doctors,

    I understand that there’s a rapid HIV test available with instant results and was wondering if there’s such a test for syphillis?

    If so, what is the window period for conclusive results and what’s the cost of the test (both for HIV and Syphilis)? I’m planning to head down to DTAP clinic on 21st September. Is that okay?

    I had unprotected oral sex on 24 August and have tested negative for C&G on 30 August. Are these results conclusive?
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    Yes there is a rapid Syphilis test.
    It tests for Treponemal Antibodies. So it cannot be used for individuals who have had a Syphilis infection in the past.
    Even though it has been successfully treated.
    The window period for Syphilis is complex.
    I would go so far to say the Rapid Syphilis test done at 1 month post exposure is very indicative.
    However, proper advice on window periods have to be done during a formal medical consult.
    Syphilis symptoms can be classified into three stages of: primary syphilis, secondary syphilis and tertiary syphilis. Syphilis testing & treatment is important


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      Hi Dr Tan,

      Thanks for your prompt response. I will head down to the clinic on 21st September (28 days past exposure).

      Are my C&G results conclusive based on the scenario I described above?

      also, how much will the rapid Syphillis test cost?