Dear Dr,

This is my situation. On 26/10/19, i had meet a guy. We have oral sex to each other (I am a guy too). We are having french kissing. And lastly, when he want to went into me, I asked him to put up a condom and he did too. However, he did not successful in entering me because I feel pain and I asked him to stop. There is no ejaculation (I am sure for both of us) and no blood (I think? Since I did not see it) and maybe some precum.
I had ask that guy for his hiv status, then he say he did not have and he just having a full body test around May 2019. After that he had not any sex experience except with me. But I could not be sure about that full body test that he does to include hiv test or not.
So my questions are:

1) Is my situation poses any risk. If it is, high risk or low risk and why?
2) I am going to test for 28 days combo test (cmia) and is this true since I heard from your forum, medhelp forum (Dr. Handsfield and Dr. Hook) and many other doctors that this test is conclusive at 28 days. Please assuring me about this.

3)I am planning to do it at 28 days 8 hours after the exposure, is it enough to be 100% conclusive (I understand nothing is 100% sure for medical science though)

Please help with my anxiety since I am getting scared day by day.
Thanks regards