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  • STD testing window period

    Hi, I have an encounter with msg lady on 23/10/2018. We both naked, no intercourse. I lick her nipple, suck her boobs,and she do handjob to me. No blowjob, but I think she got her vaginal fluid on hand when blowjob me. 5 days after the exposure, started having sore throat, mild fever. On off mild fever for abt 1 month I would say.

    Did hi hiv ag/ab cmia test on the following dates:
    1. 13/11/2018 (20 days)
    2. 21/11/2018 (28 days)
    3. 4/12/2018 (41 days)
    4. 18/12/2018 (55 days)
    All 4 tests are negative. Do I still need to test on 12th week?

    VDRL test on 13/12/2018. Negative results.

    Did also chlamydia & gonococcal pcr on 21/12/2018. (58 days) Both results are negative. Is this due to me taking antibiotics (curam) during my fever?


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    thank you for your question

    I understand this is a stressful time for you given the number of tests you have gone through as well.

    I do recommend you coming down to speak to us at clinic so that we can better advise you on the next step and whether you might need a further tests



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      Is it possible that my chlamydia, gonococcal and vdrl tested negative due to taking med during fever? I took antibiotics (curam) course for 5 days on 2nd week, 2x a day. Week 3+, another antibiotics (curam) for 3 days, 2x a day. On 5+ weeks antibiotics (curam) for 3 days due to boil as the doc said, also 2x a day.