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Can HIV be transmitted through oral sex?

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  • Can HIV be transmitted through oral sex?

    my story: About 3 months ago, i was with a prostitute. she performed protected (with condom) oral on me and i performed unprotected oral on her(cunnilingus).After 35 days i did a CMIA (antibody) test and the result was non reactive.But after 6 weeks (to be exact 48 day from the initial exposure) from the exposure, symptoms of hiv began to show.
    symptoms are:1.high fever
    2.sore throat
    3.mouth ulcer
    5.night seats
    from my cbc blood test:the WBC count were high(between 16000 and 17000) and elevated crp level.My doctor gave me antibiotics and all these symptoms went away within 6 days.
    My questions are:
    1>what are the odds of being infected with hiv (with mouth sores or light cracks in
    2>had you ever seen a person got this disease through the same way(unprotected
    cunnilingus given to a women)?
    3>can seroconversion occur after 6 weeks?
    4>how accurate is an antibody(CMIA) test at the 35th day?
    please answer, now i am having burning sensation in my feet and hands and dry skin.

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    Your risk of HIV from the abovementioned encounter is virtually negligible.
    Yes seroconversion can occur after 6 weeks, but to begin with, your risk is negligible.
    If you are worried that your symptoms are due to HIV then you can repeat a test. But as said, your risk of HIV is negligible to begin with, so the repeat test is purely for peace of mind.


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      Is there any documented cases of hiv through this way?
      what about my HIV test (CMIA antibody) at 5th week?
      How accurate it is at 5th week?
      What are the chance of it turning positive after 3 months?