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  • syphilis test

    Dear dr,

    can i do syphilis test anonymously at your clinic?

    Thanks and regards.

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    Hi. Syphilis testing cannot be performed anonymously, only HIV. However, all of your medical information is completely private and confidential, and results are not notified to the government or any other agency. Only HIV must be notified under the Infectious Disease Act, and therefore only HIV needs to be performed anonymously. Please come down to our Robertson Walk clinic to speak to our doctors about syphilis or other STD testing and/or treatment as necessary.
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      Hi Dr. Ti,

      According to MOH's "First Schedule List of Infectious Diseases Legally Notifiable Under the Infectious Diseases Act", STDs that need to be reported within 72 hours include the following:

      Acute Hepatitis B
      Acute Hepatitis C
      Chlamydial Genital Infection
      Syphilis - Infectious (primary/secondary)
      Syphilis - Non-infectious (latent/tertiary)
      Syphilis – congenital

      I understand that MOH has approved selected clinics for anonymous HIV testing but what about the other STDs? Could you clarify this, please?

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        The non-HIV STD's are notified without identifiers by the lab only. There is no need to worry, all of your medical information is protected and fully confidential.


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          Hi Dr. Ti,

          Can you please answer me, is it possible to have syphilis in latent/tertiary stage and it doesnt show on blood test type anti-Treponema palidum?
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            Thanks for the information. I recently returned from a short trip to faraway parts of Europe. I would like to check in your clinic. Where can I see a complete list of tests that I can do for you?


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     You can read about our screening packages here, but when you come by for a consultation, you can have a further discussion about what may suit your situation best. Do feel free to call in our clinic at Robertson Walk (+65 6238 7810) to book an appointment.