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  • STD testing advice

    Dear doctors,

    I am a guy who gave blowjob to another guy (without condom) on 23 May evening and he ejaculated into my mouth and throat. Had contact with the testicles too. We did French kiss too. Didn't check for any sores or blisters in the person's mouth and penis.

    That day I happened to have sore throat in the morning and even tasted some blood within the mouth. Not sure if my sore throat healed during the sexual intercourse. Unknown HIV and STD status of that guy. I occasionally have bleeding gum while brushing my teeth.

    Unsure if there were cuts during the oral sex intercourse but didn't taste blood in my mouth. Went home and used apple cider vinegar to rinse off the remaining ejaculate in my mouth and throat, and kind of "scalded" my throat due to not-so diluted solution of apple cider vinegar.

    Q1) Is the risk of getting infected by STDs high in my situation?
    Q2) I am thinking to test for gonorrhoea, chlymydia, syphilis, herpes. Was negative for HIV on 4th gen finger prick test on the 29th day and I'll be testing for HIV at around 3rd month from exposure. Any other STDs that I should test for?
    Q3) When should I do for the STD tests to be deemed conclusive?

    Thank you so much doctors for your time in advance and I await for your professional advice.
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    Hi overlyanxiousboy

    1. There is still a chance of STD infection

    2. You might want to check Hepatitis B/C as well

    3. Around 1 month after exposure should be conclusive