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    10 days After unprotected sex with csw my hiv rna by real time pcr not detected and after 33 days of my explosure hiv antibodies test with CMIA methid 4th genaration test non reactive i.e index value 0.09 can i conclusive or furthe test required? How much accurate above two test their window period what is the index value

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    Generally speaking your tests are conclusive
    However, since this site is not meant to dispense medical advice I would still have to tell you to verify this with the Doctor who ordered the tests for you
    If you tested without consulting a doctor, then I advise you to see a doctor
    If nothing to verify the accuracy and proper procedure of the tests you have done
    Please read the following link on the HIV testing window period
    HIV Window Period: When it comes to HIV testing, two of the most common questions we have are “When Can I Test for HIV?” and “Are My Results Conclusive?”