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Mycoplasma Genitalia treatment

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  • Mycoplasma Genitalia treatment

    I think i have mgen. The first time i had discharge is in the month of may/july after an exposure, although all of my exposures have only been protected oral sex. Since the first time, all of my medications have been doxy. After consuming doxy, the discharge stops and i feel cured. However a month later, i feel the aches in my legs, lo and behold, it comes back. This has been happening for the last 6 months ish. 2 weeks ago i was given azithromycin, a five day dose which did nothing for the discharge.
    Yesterday, during my 2 week checkup,i was informed that my pcr urine was negative and i was once again given doxy 100mg again, this time for 2 weeks
    Im kinda sick and tired of eating doxy, i still have discharge until today
    what advice can you give me?

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    See a Doctor and get tests done
    You cannot assume you have M Gen because you have a discharge that responds to Doxy
    There are so many other possible causes of a discharge
    My best advice to you: Get yourself DIAGNOSED


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      Hi Zaida8th,

      Any updates on your diagnosis?


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        Apart from the pcr test i had above, i had another pcr test done 8 week post abx, a 14 hour urine hold (wasnt taking any chances) and a first void carch if my urine. The results came back as negative.


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          Hi Zaida
          what colour discharge u facing?