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  • syphilis?

    hi doctor.
    i just found out this on 3days ago on 3/oct.
    i make a sex contact with the same person on 12 sept and 26 sept.

    i went to the clinic at the same day after i found out what happen to my penis. The doctor told me it might a syphilis and gave me 1 shot of penicillin without going to std testing.
    im wondering is this a syphilis or something else?
    what happend to the sores after taking the penicillin and how long it can cure?
    can the early treatment of penicillin prevent the chancres starting to pop up?
    for info, this is my 1st time happend

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    Hi mff,

    I don't really see any ulcers or sores., so I'm having some doubts regarding the diagnosis of syphilis. The small bumps on your penis is might be molluscum contagiosum instead.

    I would suggest going ahead with a formal blood test for serological diagnosis if you have concerns regarding the diagnosis.