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Is traveling really good for mental health?

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  • Is traveling really good for mental health?

    When i traveled to other states, I feel really great and a sense of discovery comes upon me every time. It's one of the greatest feelings in the world. When I return home from my trip, i am more motivated and focused to accomplish my goals that are in front of me. I want to travel to all states in USA and every continent during my lifetime. But there are some questions come in my mind. Is traveling really good for mental health?

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    Dear George,

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us about travelling.

    Yes traveling does broaden the horizons as you meet new people, understand new cultures, try new food and explore new locations!
    Nothing beats going to the new place yourself and personally experiencing all these great things we talked about.

    Interestingly, travel does improve one's mental health, rightly so as you experienced. This Forbes article pretty much sums up my exact thoughts on this matter
    1. Enhancing creativity 2. Strengthening mental resilience 3. Boosts happiness and satisfaction 4. Helps reinvent oneself 5. most importantly, relieves Stress !

    Sending my best wishes to you on your endeavours to travel through each and every state of the US and also through every continent !

    if you have a health concern whilst planning your travel, I penned this article as well which I hope may be useful for you

    “          Accommodation booked                                   Which famous places to visit                                       List of delicacies to try         


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      Travel relieves stress and boosts mental health. The most obvious and potentially most important health benefit of traveling is stress reduction. Traveling has the ability to take you out of our daily routine and into new surroundings and experiences and this can reset your body and mind.


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        Travelling is always good especially if we talk about vacation. For example if I spend a holiday in my property in Athens I feel great after it for minimum 2-3 months. Because I allow myself to sleep longer, eat fresh local food and walk for hours on the beach. It really changes your mood and the way you feel.


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          Yes, and this fact is not even subject to discussion. Until that moment, I was an ordinary office employee who knew nothing and did not see anything. When I started traveling, it was wonderful, that feeling was on nothing like. Soon I will fly again on a short trip to the UK, these specialists have already begun applying for a visa for me


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            This is 100% true. Travelling is the best way to stay happy. You need it once in a month, i did it every week end.
            I know some specialist there and they are advising me to be in this chain and continue this activity.


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              Thank u so much


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