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  • john101
    commented on 's reply
    Thank you for your answer im in Malaysia and the animal was a cat. It was a scratch in the leg. Im unable to take PEP or the vaccine until next Wednesday which will be about 10 days after exposure is that alright?

  • Dr. Chester Lan
    Dear John,

    The risk of rabies depends on where you are as well as the type of animal. Are you in Singapore? If you are, the risk is low. If you are deemed high risk, PEP for rabies consists of a regimen of one dose of immune globulin and four doses of rabies vaccine over a 14-day period. Rabies immune globulin and the first dose of rabies vaccine should be given by your health care provider as soon as possible after exposure. Additional doses or rabies vaccine should be given on days 3, 7, and 14 after the first vaccination.

    This might be available at your emergency department. Please do check with them.

    Thank you

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  • john101
    started a topic Rabies


    Hello, yesterday night a cat scratched my leg randomly until it bleed. Now im afraid of rabies do you have rabies pep? Is it warranted? Its been less than 24 hours am i suitable for PEP?