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    Hello DrTan and Partners,
    Last Sunday I went to a place for HIV blood check. The problem was when the person was drawing my blood from my right hand, I placed my left hand on the table for 3 minutes and there was a cut (5mm long, 1-2mm wide). The cut was not yet for one day (just around 20 hours) and I could still see the redness amd feel hurt even though I think that the wound did not bleed.
    I was afraid because I did not pay attention if there waa any fluid or blood (fresh or dry) from other people and I might placed my finger on the place that had blood or fluid of an infected person.
    Could you answer for me if I am at risk?
    Thank you

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    Based on what you have said, your risk for HIV infection based on this episode is minimal to non-existent. However if you are still worried and wish to have peace of mind, you can repeat a HIV test to confirm this.