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Risk of HepB, HepC & HIV

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  • Risk of HepB, HepC & HIV

    Hi to any doctor who can answer this

    I had an encounter with someone. We did the following things
    1. She gave me protected oral sex (no breaks from condom)
    2. She licked me near my genitals and areas of ears and chest (Thus, saliva contact on my body)
    3. I touched her genitals using fingers (moist but not wet contact on my fingers)

    Ps: Her vagina was quite dry. My hands felt like sweaty palms but not wet. I do not know her std status.
    After this, I accidentally touched my penis while cleaning up (not sure if I contacted the inner foreskin or tip).

    My pressing question is - Will I be able to contract Hep B or C, HIV from this. Or any other diseases STDs. What are the chances of infection even after I clean up?
    Lastly, if I just want to test Hep B, Hep C, herpes. How many days do I need to wait since exposure? 90 days? or 150days?
    Thank you so much.
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    Your risk of Hepatitis B, C and HIV from the above is nonexistent.

    However, other STDs like Herpes are still possible.

    In general you can do a blood test about a month or more out from the initial contact but I think it is best if you come by the clinic for a proper consult so we can speak to you in detail.


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      Thank you, Dr. Huang, for taking time to reply.

      Sorry paranoid now. Another question on HPV:
      1. HPV, is it risky for me as a male? If I contract HPV high strains etc = cancer? Confirm die within 15 years to 25 years.
      2. Should I even consider testing this?

      If any doctor sees this, would appreciate if you can reply thank you.
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        Thank you for your enquiry. HPV is the most common STD viral infection. There are over 100 strains, which can be divided into high and low risk strains. The high risk strains can lead to an increased risk of anal and oral cancer, and in men, penile cancer. If you are worried about the risk of HPV, we can do testing to evaluate this. You may wish to consider getting yourself vaccinated against HPV as well. The latest Gardasil 9 vaccine is available in our clinics.