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    Hello doctor,
    I have a quiery.i had in past 6 different sexual partners and I went for all the std and HIV screenings twice which all came back negative this was 4 yrs ago.

    After that I settled with my girl friend for 2 yrs and I only had her as my sex partner.after 2 yrs she was tested for HIV and it was negative as well.

    After this we parted our ways and I went out with another girl whom I m still with.and she never had any boy friend she was virgin and we r married now(we have been together for a yr now).
    but during this time we only had protected sex using condoms. Only once I went down on her(oral)without any mouth barrier.
    For a year or so I have pain occassionally in my left testicle and groin.i ignored it coz I work as a taxi driver and drive for many hrs so it involves much sitting .
    my questions are
    1.Do u think there is risk of std or HIV bcoz of this u think bcoz of my history even though I have been negative I created STDs on my own?
    Is it possible for a person with 7 negative HIV n std partners to have std or hiv even him HIV negative n STDs negative?

    Ur help will put me on ease.and much appreciated.

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    Thank you for your question. Pain in the testes and groin can be due to a few possible reasons, one of them being inflammation of the prostate gland. You may wish to undergo STD screening since you mentioned your last STD screening was 4 years ago. It is not possible for a person to "create" STDs on their own. As the name suggests, STDs are sexually transmitted. Drop by for a visit, or speak to your doctor, as a detailed consultation and physical examination of the groin and testes is needed.


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      Thankyou doctor for ur promt reply.i really appreciate it