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Pain Urination and Worried

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  • Pain Urination and Worried

    Dear Dtap Doctors,

    I am experiencing pain in urination and notice what seems abnormal discharge from penis.
    prior to this I had unprotected oral sex 2wks before.

    I had visited your clinic for consultation on the 23/07 was given single dose antibiotics zithromax for chlamydia and a jab for gonorrhora. Also urine tests were carried out.
    1st urine test shows negative for chlamydia and gonorrhora.
    Waiting for 2nd test results.

    My question is, I am still experiencing urination pain and discharge. Since the urine test for above std is negative, does that mean the initial medication given is not effective?

    Also before taking the antibiotics for chlamydia, I was on another course of antibiotics, amoxicillin, given by Gp, who suspects I might had uti. Will these 2 antibiotics counter react each other and cause no medicine effect on my condition?

    As my symptoms still persists, what could be a likely cause?

    please help to advice.
    worried need help while waiting for 2nd urine test results

    Thank you.
    appreciate the soonest reply.

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    Pain on urination and discharge from the penis are typical symptoms of a urethritis
    The commonest causes of urethritis include Chlamydia, Gonorrhea and NSU
    It is possible that the bacteria are resistant to the antibiotics given but this is not common
    There are other possible causes of your symptoms including Herpes and Prostatitis
    There is also the possibility that the infection has been cleared and this is just remnant inflammation
    I am sure the Doctor attending to you will explain and advise accordingly on next management steps