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    Hi Today i went for a blood donation. Before drawn blood, they will check for the blood group type ​​​​​. As asual, they will do finger pricker and drawn out a small amount of blood for checking the blood group. The problems is when they drawn my blood with the micropipette, they put the micropiptette into the blue colour solution ( Bottle Type ) and then they took out the micropipette again from the blue colour solution ( Bottle type) to take the blood from my finger again. what if the blue solution with the virus inside the bottle. Am i at the risk of HIV, HBV and HCV? Thanks

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    I do not quite understand you
    I am assuming the micropipette did not break your skin so I do not see how it can infect you
    I would suggest that since you are worried you should go back to the blood donation center and ask them
    I am sure they will be happy to allay your concerns


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      The micropipete did not break through the Skin.
      The Blue color is the blood group solvent which is in the small glass ( Blue Color).

      The took my blood from the new micropipette, and then put the into the blood group solvent and took my blood again with the current micropipette. Just curious the blood group solvent (Blue Color) have the virus?



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        OIC. I am not sure what the blue solvent is.
        I assume it was Chlorhexidine which kills viruses including HIV
        You may want to ask the hospital that
        Chlorhexidine is a broad‐spectrum biocide effective against gram‐positive bacteria, gram-negative bacteria and fungi.