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11 weeks Anxiety

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  • 11 weeks Anxiety

    Hi Dr Tan and the rest of DTAP doctors

    First of all,

    I would like to thank you for all your services here in the forum, not only give us worried well a second opinion but more realible assessment.

    My story was I am at Vietnam at 20th Dec 2019 for business trip. Later that night I go for massage Place where I can get massage but due to my first time there it was actually prostitute place at Vung Tau. I realized it after I undress my cloth and lay down in the bed, the CSW bring a water with cold ice and put it in her mouth and performed blowjob with that water than she spit that back inside the glass. After that she put the condom and proceed to do the vaginal intercourse on top of me, and the deed finish like 5 minutes I was ejaculated inside and I saw all the condom intact and seen was filled inside. The she show me the condom that filled with Semen no leak.

    When back to the hotel I was paranoid because this is my first time doing this outside my manogamous relationship. I fly back to kL the next day and go to one of HIV clinics and ask for Pep after I read from Internet that night. The doctor describe me 30 days of tenvir em and tivicay.
    Due to anxiety I go to your KL Eco clinics after 12 days of exposure and pep the Dr perform HIV RNA PCR Qualitative assay and the result come back not detected. The Dr said its conclusive but then I still continue to finish pep.

    On 29th day exposure dr perform full std check up and Eclia 4th gen lab test. Herpes 1 come back 38.5 where I probably get infected before this. Dr also said this is conclusive but need to repeat test on 90 day exposure.

    Due to anxiety I come back to Eco KL and perform 4th gen alere on week 2,week 4 and week 5 after pep. And this week will be the week 12 but not yet 90 days.

    My question

    1. What do you think about my risk is it warrant for pep?
    2. After the test I've done so far do you think it's conclusive already?
    3. Should I wait for exactly 90 days or 12 week should be sufficient.

    I have been wreck for the past 11 weeks and my job performance also getting worst due to my anxiety and unable to sleep every single night and spending countless hours googling about my hiv conclusive results.

    I hope if you can give some thought and reply much obliged.

    Forgot to mention I consume Pep 36 hours post exposure and the rapid combo test done 6 weeks, 8 weeks and 9 weeks post exposure. This week is 12 weeks post exposure.

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    Hi there.
    After reading your forum inquiry, I would safely say that your tests, the 4th gen rapid combo test done 6 weeks, 8 weeks and 9 weeks post exposure are considered conclusive.
    However, it is merely a protocol to repeat the test at 90 days post exposure.
    You have had safe intercourse and have also completed the PEP. You are considered to be at low risk.

    First step to avoid being a wreck is to accept that you are negative and its conclusive.


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      Thanks Dr Guna

      I went back to your clinic today and performed another combo test with 12 weeks shy (12 hours difference)

      Thankfully the result remain negative. Should I come back for 90 days remark? Or I can move on now.


      • Dr. Gunasunthari
        Dr. Gunasunthari commented
        Editing a comment
        Hi there. You can move on now.

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        Dr. Gunasunthari
        Dear Doctor. I had protected sex with a sex worker in India. I'm from India. So keeping the Duo test window period in mind.
        I tested on 29th day, 39th day, 65th day. ECLIA 4TH GENERATION AG/AB TESTS all of them. Nonreactive.
        Can I stop testing now? Are these conclusive?


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          I have the same problems. Thanks for helping!