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  • Is touching girl butts

    Hi Doctor,

    I went to a strip club in Brisbane Australia, i sat near pole dance, strip girl came to me and she does not have any clothes on body but i did not remove my clothes.
    when she came with bare body, i hold her and i rub her back and butts for 2-3 minutes and i kiss her breast for 30 seconds.
    now i am bit scared for that what if she has any pimples on her back or butts and if my nail scratch her pimples, and if blood bleeding happens and touch my nails or palm?
    is this scenario cause to acquire HIV?
    if she is hiv+ and if her pimple blood touch my palm or nail scratch happens, will that cause HIV?
    i am sure no other sexual activities , not even lip kiss or social kiss.


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    Hi learnnew,

    Your risk from the above situation is virtually nonexistent.

    Here is an article on transmission of HIV:

    I hope it is helpful, but if you want to come by for a consult, you are more than welcome to come and speak to us.