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Nuru massage and ejaculation

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  • Nuru massage and ejaculation

    Dear Dr

    Past 5 days has been challengings and I writing for your help please.
    6 weeks ago I went for nuru massage when I was visit Singapore
    Whilst lady was rubbing against my front I grew erect and I ejaculated as my penis was by her vagina. There was no penetration, just frottage.
    I did not think this as high risk encounter until 5 ago I grew a high fever (38.5-40) that would come down with panadol. At nights I also had the night sweats.
    Three days ago I notice my throat is sore and red and I had two mouth ulcers. I then noticed my tonsils had white marks on them. I didn’t have any other symptoms.
    I read this article when I first got fever :

    and have been very emotional as the section on sore throat and ulcers desxribes my situation - except my throat hasn’t felt very sore it has been uncomfortable to swallow. The ulcers more painful.
    Could my symptoms Be ARS given the encounter I had?
    I have been very anxious for the past 5 days and greatly like your advice.
    Thank you

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    Dear Vinny,

    I am sorry you are going through this stressful period.

    HIV requires fluid exchange to occur. (blood, sperm, semen, vagina fluid, saliva)

    If there was no fluid exchange to you, you do not need to worry.

    I have penned an article on the ways HIV can be transmitted, I hope it helps


    The neighbouring country has just built a wall to keep outsiders out. These outsiders do not have a passport and are trying to get over the wall through different means. The HIV virus is one of these outsiders, they will try all means to get across the wall We will discuss in this article,  the