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How exposed Am I?

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  • How exposed Am I?

    I engaged in vagina sex with a lady a met. I used a condom. After cumming, a waited awhile on her before I withdrew. But my penis slipped out from the condom which she removed by herself as it was at the mouth of the vagina.

    1) How exposed am I to H.I.V?

    2) if the skin of my penis touch her vagina fluid than the tip of the penis, can HIV be contracted?

    Please assist a desperate brother.

    Thank you

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    Please note that I came in the condom.

    3) Less than 24 hours, I feel burning sensation in my scrotum and tip of penis. Nothing else. Is it my mind, friction or sti?


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      There is still a risk of HIV, albeit low. Condoms are not 100% protective and as you see, they can slip or break sometimes. If you are within 72 hours of exposure, you may consider Post-Exposure Prophylaxis medication to reduce your risk of HIV. There are also risks of other STD's including chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, and herpes. Please visit us for a proper consultation and evaluation.
      HIV PEP Singapore (Post Exposure Prophylaxis) - What you need to know about PEP HIV in Singapore; the procedure, cost and what to expect from PEP treatment.


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        Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately I have flown to a country where there is no known PEP treatment hospital.

        What then do you propose.
        Thank you


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          Then you will have to wait and get tested at the appropriate time.